Facility Analysis

F.A.S.T. will observe and analyze the day-to-day operations of your company to determine the vulnerabilities of your mission and security. 

  • Extensive research will be conducted on your facility to gain the most information about the mission of your company.

  • On-site surveillance will determine vulnerabilities.
  • ​Possible attack scenarios as well as recommendations of the vulnerabilities will be offered with low-cost procedures, equipment and training.

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Surveillance Detection & ACTIVE SHOOTER training

F.A.S.T. will provide Surveillance Detection & Active Shooter training to your security team.  Once your security team has been trained, they will have the knowledge to  train additional or new personnel as needed.  This will be a cost saving benefit.

  • Surveillance detection methods and practices will be taught to ensure your security team is well trained.
  • Classroom and practical exercises will be provided to your security team at your facility.
  • The length of training will depend on the needs of the company.

Professional Network Security

F.A.S.T. has teamed with PNG Engineering to provide an analysis of your current network using state-of-the-art programs and methodologies.

  • An evaluation of your current network design and how effective the network security sensors are performing will be conducted.
  • Activity such as Malware or Non-Authorized Data Exfiltration or any other malicious attack will be analyzed. 
  • An evaluation of the configuration management processes and practices on Microsoft, Linux and Unix networks will be performed.
  • A comprehensive set of network and data security strategies will be offered to protect the customer's most valuable resources in all areas of the enterprise.